What are the advantages and disadvantages of theory x and theory y

It is easily calculated and stress-tested, and when used in conjunction with other aspects of an investment mosaic, it can provide unparalleled yield data that can support or eliminate a potential investment.

Toward a theory of independent learning and teaching. By, Menaka Jayananda Explain about Theory x theory y theory z? If the job is rewarding and satisfying, then it will result in employees' loyalty and commitment to organization.

Organizational Theory

Finally, they also believe that most people are motivated by all levels of needs in the Maslow's hierarchy of needs. However, in this case complex variables and their relationships with each other determine transactional distance.

Administrative Management Theory Advantages and Disadvantages

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What Are The Advantages Of The Soler Theory?

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While this paper follows the original concepts, I wish to make my own perspective of this theory clear and consistent.

What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Theory X and Theory Y

Theory Y encourages decentralization of authority, teamwork and participative decision making in an organization. Addressing the context of e-learnimg: A close supervision is required on part of managers.

Provided people are motivated, they will be self-directing to the aims of the organization. Engaging middle school students with the mathematics of change. Basic principles[ edit ] Scramjets are designed to operate in the hypersonic flight regime, beyond the reach of turbojet engines, and, along with ramjets, fill the gap between the high efficiency of turbojets and the high speed of rocket engines.

Leveraging mobile technology for sustainable seamless learning: They take pictures with the digital camera that is built into the mobile device, store their notes in it, and send them to the server using a wireless internet connection. The majority of interpretations of and previous studies about transactional distance theory commonly indicate its usefulness in understanding distance learning and evaluate its usefulness as a pedagogical and philosophical framework.

Theory X is characterised by tight external control on the employees, whereas theory Y features leniency in control.This is the opposite to theory X. Advantages and Disadvantages of Theory Y Advantages: Workers want to be at work therefore put in more effort and work harder. Managers and employees will get on better because they all want to be at work.

McClelland’s Need Theory of Motivation: Types and Limitations

The item response theory (IRT) also known as latent trait theory, is used for the development, evaluation and administration of standardized measurements; it is widely used in the areas of.

Please note: this site is primarily for those wanting to learn the theory, implementation and tuning of electronic fuel injection systems for internal combustion engines. The advantages which Henri Fayol theory indicated are Firstly, division of work amongst the workers, work should be divided so that the workers are specialized in a.

Theory X and Theory Y were developed in the ’s and describe two different, almost opposite, attitudes to motivation in the workplace. The theories attempt to show how a manager’s perception of his team affects the behaviour of the manager and how they treat their team.

Read this article to learn about the types and limitations of McClelland’s theory of motivation. David McClelland’s Need Theory: According to McClelland there are three major motives or needs in work place, which motivate the people.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of theory x and theory y
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